Offer customers the option of faster delivery with SOTESHOP Express Delivery.


We have added a new Express Delivery feature to the SOTESHOP online store. Now the customer will be able to easily select a faster delivery of the order, and the seller can define an additional fee for such a service. The feature is available in SOTESHOP 8 as standard. We encourage you to update your store.

Express Delivery

Express Delivery

Short order processing time is one of the most important features of the offer. Especially on a very competitive market, delivery time can be a decisive element for our offer to be chosen. According to Amazon reports (Amazon Conferrence 2022), delivery and price are the most important elements of positioning the offer.

How to configure express delivery in the store?

Watch the video and find out how to configure express delivery and assign it to selected deliveries.

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Delivery Documentation

We encourage you to read the delivery documentation. There are described elements related to express delivery and many other features allowing for individual delivery configuration.

Documentation: Deliveries. Express Delivery.

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