Online Store SOTESHOP 8.1.2


A new version of SOTESHOP 8.1.2 has been released. Since the last update, we have introduced a total of 23 improvements, including new integrations with warehouses and an update of the Allegro integration.

Sklep internetowy SOTESHOP 8.1.2

List of changes in SOTESHOP 8.1.2 version

  1. Warehouses: Integration with Naturamed warehouse.
  2. Warehouses: Integration with Medica-Group warehouse.
  3. Open graph: Update of adding a photo to the store's main page.
  4. Allegro: Update of the delivery module in Allegro.
  5. Orders: Adding the ability to edit the shipment number in the order for integrated deliveries.
  6. Customers: Optimization and fixes for logging into the store.
  7. Language versions: Fixes in language definitions in the store panel.
  8. Orders: Fixes in the order optimizer.
  9. Warehouses: Fixes in the integration of the store with the Partner Tele warehouse.
  10. Graphic editing: Layout configuration - expanding the ability to change the presentation of subcategories on the category page.
  11. Warehouses: Integration with Medica Group warehouse.
  12. Periodic import: Fixes to the mechanisms for saving options for products.
  13. Warehouses: Integration with VMP warehouse.
  14. Administrative panel: Fixes for the "Find and Replace" function.
  15. Administrative panel: New version of the TinyMCE editor.
  16. Cart: Fixes in the function blocking access for bots.
  17. Warehouses: Integration with PLAYROOM warehouse.
  18. VAT rates: Adding a 9% VAT rate for Northern Ireland.
  19. Warehouses: Update of data downloading from Beauty System warehouse. Fixes for weight and stock levels.
  20. Allegro: Update of the offer synchronization module.
  21. Soteshop XML: Export fixes.
  22. Allegro: Change of the required "Offer Conditions" parameter - Warranty on optional during editing/listing of the offer.
  23. Allegro: Fix of the 500 error during the "Allegro - Event Log" task, for offers listed outside the SOTESHOP store.

Store update

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