'New Search Function in the Store'


We have added a new search feature to the store. It is an additional product description that is not displayed on the page, but is taken into account during the search. This feature allows for improved search and display of results for different queries.

search in online store

How does it work?

Simply go to the product edit and fill in the "Search Description" field. You can enter a different product name there or enter related products, even those that we don't have in the store.


Store product name: Yamaha Revstar 502T BGR
Other names: Rev Star, RS 502T, Bowden Green
Similar products: Gibson Les Paul, Ibanez Artist, PRS Santana
Others: Professional guitar, Gift for guitarist

Additional search description

Rev Star
RS 502T
Bowden Green
Gibson Les Paul
Ibanez Artist
PRS Santana
Professional guitar
Gift for guitarist


The feature is available by default. We encourage you to update the store and take advantage of the improved search.

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