Online Store SOTESHOP 8.1.6


A new version of SOTESHOP 8.1.6 has been released. Since the last update, we have introduced a total of 30 improvements, including the addition of returns handling and automation, increased number of products in the store and many others.

Sklep internetowy SOTESHOP 8.1.6

List of changes in SOTESHOP 8.1.6 version

  1. Przelewy24: Fixes for payment redirects.
  2. Products: Expansion of the priority field when editing on the store's administrative panel list.
  3. Trusted Shops: Adding the ability to extend scripts after ordering.
  4. Products: Fixes for the price history presentation feature in the product.
  5. SEO: Disabling indexing of incorrect store pages.
  6. Poczta Polska: Adding payment on delivery support for new parcel collection points.
  7. Product returns: Release of a new module as standard in the store.
  8. Product groups: Fixes for displaying products in news in the store.
  9. Products: Fixes for texts in the Price History section in the product configuration in the store panel.
  10. InPost Paczkomats: Fixes for the mechanism when not selecting a specific Paczkomat in the ordering process.
  11. Social links: Fixes for displaying links to social portals in the Climb theme.
  12. Newsletter Popup - Fixes:
    • captcha code when ordering after activating the application,
    • showing popup with delay,
    • showing popup when scrolling the page.
  13. Comfino: Fix for displaying Comfino payment graphics in the mobile version in the basket.
  14. Climb Graphics: Adding the ability to change the background color of the button on the banner and the "more" button on the blog.
  15. Reviews: Adding a default review value when adding a review from the e-mail link.
  16. Popup: Adding the ability to set how many days the popup should be displayed again.
  17. Store panel:
    • adding to the list of applications (Panel -> Applications) an additional product description and attributes,
    • fixes for the English version of the panel.
  18. Banners: Improvement of banner addition when language versions are marked.
  19. Widgets: Improvement of the "Recently Sold Products" widget, which is displayed in the store's administrative panel.
  20. Blog: On the list of posts in a given category, if there is no category description, then recommended articles are shown right after the category title.
  21. Customers: Fixes to the password change mechanism in the "My Data" tab after the customer logs in to the store page.
  22. Remarketing and Google Ads Conversion: Update and add events for dynamic remarketing.
  23. Invoices: Fixes to the module's appearance in the store panel.
  24. Przelewy24: Fix payment error messages when configuring in the store panel.
  25. Soteshop: Fixes to increase product limits in the store.
  26. Orders: Fix to display longer product option names in the order email.
  27. Products: Fix to the mechanism of changing the old price in a currency other than the default in the store panel.
  28. Store Panel: Fixes to duplicate the display of the "Add to Group", "Remove from Group" actions in product groups, categories, and product modules.
  29. Returns and Complaints: Fixes for product returns with options in the store panel.


Updates are standard for all SOTESHOP 8 stores with SOTESHOP Start, Standard, PRO, or VIP subscription services. Check the store update documentation: Store Update Documentation

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