How to check competitor ads? Facebook Ad Library.


How to check the competition's ads on Facebook? Just go to the Facebook Ad Library page and enter the name of the chosen Facebook page.

Facebook released the Ad Library service a few months ago and allows you to search for all active and inactive ads associated with a chosen page in its advertising network on Facebook and Instagram.

Thanks to the Facebook Ad Library, you can reach ads that will never show up to you, e.g. due to location restrictions or other parameters.

It is a great tool, not only to check chosen pages, but can also be a source of inspiration to create a good and effective ad. It is worth remembering that when displaying an ad to customers in social media, we compete not only with other companies in the industry, but also fight for the attention of customers with other advertisers who direct their ads to the same group of recipients.

Check out the competition at: Facebook Ad Library

Example result for page: Facebook Soteshop

Soteshop on Facebook

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