Facebook API integration of conversions. Important change.


New integration with Facebook. Facebook recommends updating the integration and changing the way conversion data is sent (Conversion API). Without this change, it will not be possible to effectively monitor sales on Facebook.

Adapt your store to the new integration and maintain the continuity of Facebook integration data in the store. Order an application that adapts the store to FB changes.

What is the change?

If the store is integrated with Facebook, then each time someone visits the store, the appropriate information is sent to Facebook. If the customer adds a product to the cart or places an order, it will be recorded in the reports. This allows you to verify the effectiveness of the advertisement.

Until now, this information was sent by the browser. The new integration involves sending this data on the server side. The option of sending data via the browser will not be available and data on conversions will not be transmitted in this way.

In addition, Facebook introduces a tracking time limit of 7 days for clicks and 1 day for ad views (changes related to iOS14). This means that in many cases, even after the integration change, it will not be possible to determine how we acquired the customer.


In order to adapt the store to the new changes on Facebook, you need to install the "Facebook Pixel API" add-on and configure it appropriately on the Facebook side and in the store. The instructions can be found in the description of the above-mentioned add-on.

Attention! Integration with the standard Facebook Pixel is also required.

We also recommend installing and connecting to Facebook ads the "ADS Tracker" add-on. It will allow you to verify customer acquisition from 30 to 180 days. Learn more about ADS Tracker.

Other advertising platforms

We encourage diversifying advertising activities on different platforms. Google and Facebook are the first choice, but there are other options too. One of the reasons for creating ADS Tracker was the need for a tool that verifies reports from other advertising platforms and provides data that is inaccessible to them. It is a system that works completely independently and therefore we can advertise on any website, blog or share links. On our own terms.

ADS Tracker

Order the ADS Tracker application with a 10% discount and activate it in your store. Discount code: 2162-WN63-84NE (valid until 31.03.2021).

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