SOTESHOP 8.2.6 Online Store


A new version of the SOTESHOP 8.2.6 online store has been released. Since the last update, we have introduced a total of 48 improvements, including many new SOTE AI features using artificial intelligence such as: generating manufacturer descriptions, categories, new translations, and generating photos with AI. A new version of the cookies bar has also been released, related to Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, regarding the change of consent mode - Consent Mode v2, as well as many other updates and improvements.

SOTESHOP 8.2.6 online store

List of changes in SOTESHOP version 8.2.6

  1. VAT rates: Updated VAT rates for Estonia, Czech Republic, and Malta.
  2. Compatibility module: Changed default version of the cookie banner on the store's website. Currently, newly installed stores have version 3 of the banner selected.
  3. Banners: Changes in language versions of banners in the administrative panel.
  4. SOTE AI: Added AI translations for blog and categories in the store's panel.
  5. All graphic themes: Ability to change the color of the product option button on the product card.
  6. Inpost courier: Improvements to the package creation mechanism for POP points.
  7. Translations: Improvements for the English version in the store's administrative panel.
  8. Administrative panel: Correction of displaying logged-in administrator of the panel.
  9. Cosmo Theme: Fix for displaying the search engine background.
  10. Language versions: Fix for redirecting to the default language version when visiting a page with an inactive or unsupported language version.
  11. Cart: Fix for issues after displaying the contents of the cart with products for which options were added after adding them to the cart.
  12. Google Ads Remarketing: Fixes for the order of event calls after updating consents. Disabling events when the module is turned off.
  13. Banners: Fix for loading banners during store installation.
  14. Website pages: Fix for the mechanism of saving an informational page from the administrative panel.
  15. Blog: Fix for the size of generated images for blog posts.
  16. Export to SOTESHOP XML file: Fixes for the mechanism of adding products to the xml file.
  17. Banners: Fixes for displaying a banner when its height is below 200px.
  18. Allegro: Fixes for saving an offer as a draft.
  19. Import / export of products: Fix for importing a csv file when it contains empty lines.
  20. Google Tag Manager: Fix for displaying an empty container when standard Google Analytics integration is enabled in the store.
  21. Wholesalers: Update of integration with "Best for Infants" wholesaler. Fix for pricing surcharges.
  22. Przelewy24 Payments: Fix for automatic payment booking.
  23. Google Ads Remarketing and Conversion: Fix for the functionality of the event of adding a product to the cart.
  24. SOTE AI: Added the ability to translate: categories, manufacturers, banners, product groups, informational pages, order statuses, and deliveries.
  25. SOTE AI: Added AI support for store positioning assistance mechanisms. Ability to generate meta tags for: products, blog posts, categories, manufacturers.
  26. Products: Fix for displaying the product interest window. The window is always on the top layer, so it is not hidden under other elements.
  27. Graphic theme: New Electro graphic theme as standard for the store.
  28. SOTE AI: Added the ability to generate manufacturer description using artificial intelligence.
  29. Products: Default enabling of the product interest option for new store installations.
  30. SEO: Fix for the lack of automatic SEO data generation when no "Display Options" are selected in the SEO section.
  31. SOTE AI: Added the ability to generate and translate page titles and descriptions for SEO on informational pages.
  32. Passo theme: Fix in the theme configuration regarding changing the color of categories on the homepage.
  33. Google Tag Manager: Fix for passing the product name for purchase events for Google.
  34. Products: Fix for displaying the recently viewed and watched products feature on mobile devices.
  35. Cosmo theme: Fixes in the graphics configuration for link colors on hover and the filtering field for manufacturers.
  36. Products: Updated text for the product interest module.
  37. Manufacturers: Fix for the appearance of the manufacturer page with description and no manufacturer logo in the store.
  38. Blog: Fixing the display of gallery images in a blog post.
  39. Product options: Fixing the display of the module in the store panel.
  40. Language versions: Fixing link redirection for older modifications.
  41. SOTE AI: Generating images for blog posts.
  42. Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager: Implementing the required Consent Mode v2 by Google.
  43. Administration panel: Changing the script for loading images in the store panel.
  44. SOTE AI: Updating the method of adding an image created by artificial intelligence to a blog post.
  45. Recurring import: Fixing the function of reactivating inactive product options.
  46. Orders: Fixing the mechanism of saving the pick-up point address in the customer's address data after placing an order.
  47. Order: Fixing the calculation of delivery costs based on weight.
  48. SEO: Updating the title and meta tags for the SEO tab in category editing.


Updates are available as standard for all SOTESHOP 8 stores with SOTESHOP Start, Standard, PRO or VIP subscription services. Check the store update documentation: Update documentation

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New features of SOTE AI. Category description generation, new translations and AI positioning.

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