Google Search in an online store. Higher search accuracy. SEO bonus.


One of the important ways to reach a product in an online store is searching. If the customer cannot find the product they are interested in, they will go somewhere else. Sometimes the product is in the store, but the customer did not know how to find it. Here comes the help of the new feature in the SOTESHOP store - integration with Google search directly in the store.

Google Search Engine

How does Google Custom Search work in the SOTESHOP store?

The Google Custom Search integration is directly connected to the store's search. When the customer enters a phrase in the product search, the store searches the offer and all the pages indexed in Google.

As a result, both products matching the query and other pages searched by Google will be displayed. Additionally, you can connect to the search not only the store's page itself, but also other pages and domains. Everything depends on the configuration of the search on the Google side.

Example of search result presentation in the store.

Google Custom Search

How to add Google search to the store?

To activate Google search in the store, you need to install the add-on: Google Custom Search. To activate, you will also need a Google account and the appropriate configuration. The activation and configuration process is described in the documentation.

Integration documentation: Google Custom Search Documentation

Download the add-on for free as part of the SOTESHOP PRO or VIP subscription
or order it one-time.

Google Custom Search

SEO Bonus

Google search is based on algorithms and computer systems that really like data. The more information they have about a particular page, the more accurately they present the results in the search results. Adding a search engine to the store is a good way to provide such data that can be very useful in the future.

It is not publicly confirmed which data is used by Google algorithms and which is not, but providing reliable information to search systems is a good SEO practice.

Additionally, by analyzing query results in the store, you can easily optimize content for SEO. This will give us better search results in the store, and this, together with the longer time of users on the page, will have a real impact on global search in Google.


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