New reviews in the store. Better presentation, easier adding of reviews and more effective SEO.


Reviews play a crucial role in an online store and can have a significant impact on sales and website traffic. That's why we have prepared a new version of reviews in the SOTESHOP online store, to simplify the process of adding reviews and present them in the best possible way for new customers.

Reviews in the online store

New review features

The review update allows for better presentation of reviews for customers and easier adding. Below is the current list of review features in the SOTESHOP online store:

  • Reviews displayed immediately on the page, without switching tabs, better SEO. New
  • Option to choose the presentation of reviews on the product page. New
  • Summary of review ratings. New
  • Filtering reviews by rating and confirmed purchases. New
  • Show average rating. New
  • Additional option to add a review under the description. New
  • Adding reviews from the product page
  • Moderation by the store administrator
  • Show reviews on the page only for the person adding them, until confirmation.
  • Automatic sending of links to add reviews after placing an order.
  • Reviews confirmed by purchase.
  • Highlighting selected reviews.

Reviews and benefits

List of selected benefits related to using customer reviews in an online store:

  • Reviews left by previous customers act as "social proof" of the quality of products and services offered by the store. Positive reviews can increase the trust of potential customers, which can convince them to make a purchase.
  • Customers often read reviews to find out about the experiences of other users with a particular product. Positive reviews can encourage a purchase, while negative ones can warn of potential problems, helping to make more informed decisions.
  • Reviews, especially those containing long and unique descriptions of products, can affect search engine rankings. Search engines like user-generated content that provides valuable information and helps assess the quality of products.
  • Customers who leave positive reviews after completing a purchase may be more likely to return to the store and make additional purchases. Positive customer experiences encourage loyalty.
  • Negative reviews can provide feedback to sellers and store owners about potential issues with a product or service. This allows for a quick response and necessary changes to improve the quality of the offered products or services.
  • Responding to reviews, both positive and negative, shows the store's commitment to customer service. Answering questions and resolving customer issues can build a positive image for the company and encourage more interaction with customers.

Review updates and configuration

New review features are available as standard and simply require updating the store to the latest version. If after the update we want to change the presentation of reviews on the product page, we need to go to the panel, click on Applications, Product Presentation and in the Presentation section choose the appropriate value for the Review Presentation element:

  • Display in tab - reviews will appear in a tab, as before.
  • Display under description - reviews will appear under the product description, before tabs such as recommended products.
  • Display under tabs - reviews will appear at the bottom of the page, under the tabs.

Recommended option: Display under description.

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