Open a restaurant with SOTESHOP

Open a restaurant with SOTESHOP

The delivery module now has an additional function - delivery schedule. The delivery schedule is particularly useful for restaurant and catering businesses, florists and special occasion gift shops where the delivery date and time is of major importance. The schedule allows the shop administrator to define a time and date window when delivery of a customer's order can be made. The customer can select a preferred time and date for delivery. For example, a customer orders a meal and sets the delivery time for lunch.
Money-off Vouchers - encourage clients to shop

Money-off Vouchers - encourage clients to shop

SOTESHOP has now introduced - money-off vouchers. Take this opportunity for a new advertising campaign. Promote your shop, attract new customers and encourage clients already registered to return to your shop and make more purchases.

Money-off vouchers and your clients

Money-off vouchers may take the place of money and can be used by your clients to make purchases in your shop. A token may cover part or the whole cost of a purchase.

How to run an advertising campaign using money-off vouchers?

TRUSTED SHOPS –  increasing customer confidence

TRUSTED SHOPS – increasing customer confidence

SOTESHOP online shop is now fully integrated
with Trusted Shops
Updates are free and available in all version of SOTESHOP 5.

The benefits:
  • increase customer confidence thanks to the Trusted Shops Seal of Approval
  • receive a manual containing advice and regulation models etc.
  • a system for confirmed/trustworthy customer opinions
  • your customers will be able to verify your shop and make secure purchases
  • customer confidence boosts the average value of orders
  • customers have the option of insuring their purchase
  • and many more
Trusted Shops
Support: 93% of satisfied customers

Support: 93% of satisfied customers

In May 2010 we launched a support request evaluation system. The system allowed customers to evaluate our work during the period of the last 8 months. During that period we responded to several thousand support requests related to software operation, new features, graphics modifications, patches or development works.

We try to provide our customers with top-quality support services and we are glad to know that for the analyzed period as many as 93% of support request responses were graded positively. The presented summary includes evaluated requests only. The chart presented below shows the evaluated requests as compared to total requests. The evaluation included not only the response quality, but also delivery time. Although our customer base is huge, waiting times are kept to a minimum. We try to treat each request individually, so that the delivery time is as short as possible. The average support request delivery time for the last 2 months:
Fast Cache, 0.068 second per webpage

Fast Cache, 0.068 second per webpage

The latest SOTESHOP 5.1.1 builds on over 6 months of shop optimization efforts. With each version update we try to minimize the view rate and enhance customer experience as much as possible.

17x faster with Fast Cache

For several months the system has been featuring Fast Cache, a SOTE proprietary solution. When designing the system we placed emphasis on minimizing the webpage generation rate, with no compromises. The results were beyond our wildest dreams.

Version Comparison

Script execution time charts