Price comparers

In administration panel go to Sale => Price comparers

Adding the products to a price comparer

  1. Tick Add all of the products by a price comparer.
  2. Press Save.

Configuration of files generating

Select Configuration

  1. Tick Do not export products if their stock is 0,
  2. Tick Do not add category tree names in the price compares files,
  3. Press Save.

Adding the product to the price comparers

In administration panel go to Offer => Products

  1. Edit a product,
  2. Select Additional options,
  3. Select Price comparers,
  4. Select the price comparers, to which yhou want to add the product,
  5. Press Save.

Check out products documentation.

Price comparers configuration

  1. Ceneo,
  2. Nokaut,
  3. Okazje,
  4. Radar,
  5. Sklepy24.